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Pondering Primary Sources, and Spring Cleaning!

How many of you researchers love primary sources? Is anyone’s hand NOT raised? One of the things I love best about researching is that moment when you stumble across some telling tiny detail that just resonates…. Diaries, letters, and other … Continue reading

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How Did You Get Hooked? The Origins of Our Addiction (to Historical Romance)

  How did you fall in love with historical romance stories, as a genre? Last weekend’s “Fall Back in Time” campaign had a lovely nostalgic twist to it when people posted photos of beloved old historical romances that set them … Continue reading

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Pride and Prejudice – A Victorian Soap Opera???

I’m continuing Myretta’s Jane Austen theme today. The Christian Science Monitor just published an article on the 200th anniversary of Pride and Prejudice, coinciding with Bath’s annual Jane Austen Festival. The title of the article is “Victorian-era soap opera turns … Continue reading

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