Holidays Happy and Merry

Holidays of the season are right behind us — Happy Hanukah — and just ahead — Merry Christmas. Please lets share with each other a gift of the season. Tell us your favorite holiday romance, historical, contemporary and/or Paranormal. I’ll give you one of each. The Regency is first.

mistletoe-hh_350Riskies own Diane Gaston’s ‘Twelfth Night’s Tale” in the anthology MISTLEOE KISSES. I love the story and from it I learned it’s easier to write a novella if you start in the “middle” of the relationship.

Contemporary has to be the novella ‘December Wedding’ Emelle Gamble’s final pages of the 51-iz0Zg0WL._AA160_Molly Harper story. A wonderfully happy ending for two characters who worked had to get there. It’s a stand alone novella available in all formats  including audio.

My paranormal choice is in the anthology IRRESISTIBLE FORCES, the novella ‘Winterfair Gifts’ by Lois McMaster Bujold. 51a2ftsZdJL._AA160_Not a Hannukah or Christmas story but Winterfair, on a far away planet, is cast in a similar holiday tradition. Like Gamble’s novella this one is a gift to readers ending a two book arc in typical Miles Vorkosigan style with chaos, mystery and humor.

Your turn! And a very Happy New year to all, Mary

About Mary Blayney

I have been writing both contemporary and regency romances since 1986, first with contemporary romances for Silhouette and later with historicals set in the Regency period. Family will always play a strong part in my books since, for me, family relationships are as fundamental as the love between a man and a woman.
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6 Responses to Holidays Happy and Merry

  1. diane says:

    Wow! Thanks so much for selecting A Twelfth Night’s Tale for your favorite Regency Christmas novella! (It is still available as an ebook in the anthology Mistletoe Kisses)
    You know me, I don’t read as much as I all my friends and I’d have to search my bookshelves to remind myself of what Christmas novellas are my favorites.
    At least you’ve given me two to feast on this holiday season! I love Emelle Gamble’s books and, like you, I revere Lois McMaster Bujold!

  2. Elena Greene says:

    Eh, I’m terrible at holiday romance, maybe because the holidays haven’t always been a source of joy to me. But I am taking note of others’ favorites, perhaps my attitude toward things holiday will change as time goes on.

  3. Kit Needham says:

    Hi Mary,
    Now I have some recommended reading without having to pester you. Thanks for the list.


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