how many men have been beguiled and captivated by a soft voice offering them a meringue?

Barbara Cartland came up a few times at the Romance Writers of America conference this week, which reminded me of her wonderful cookbook. I posted some scans from it a long time ago, back when I had my first author photo taken (I still had long hair then!). This is some of the funniest food photography I’ve ever seen and I think you all deserve to see it.


I think my favorite author photo ever is this one of Barbara Cartland from the back of the cookbook:

In fact, the only photos to rival it are other photos of Barbara Cartland [google image search: look!!!]. I hope that someday I’m confident enough to have a photo that over-the-top taken of myself.

I bought this book at the library book sale a couple of years ago. It’s called The Romance of Food. It’s one of the best book sale purchases I have ever made.

The inside front cover describes it as “a collection of recipes which will revive even the most jaded lover and put a song in the heart of the most enraptured[…]Also, to show just how irresistible to the eye as well as to the palate are dishes such as Flower of the Heart, Summer Splendor and Fleur de Lis d’Amour, they and many others have been photographed at her own home, one of the most romantic settings in England.”

On page 12, we learn:

“Some of the youngest-looking men on the screen and stage declare they owe their youthful appearance to a large consumption of liver and kidneys. Pope Pius V, famous for his aphrodisiacal dishes, originated a pie in which layers of sliced bull’s testicles alternated with ground lamb kidneys.”

Here are some of the best photos:

“Seafood in a Melon Basket: the hidden wonders of the deep evoke the mystic wonders of Love.”

The caption for that one reads: “An exotic creature from the deep, the color of two red lips, which can invite, provoke, and surrender.”

And this one is just for Susanna Fraser:

“Beef Wellington: England’s greatest General who defeated Napoleon and a plate worthy of his name in the Battle of Love.”

Some other great captions [tw: racism]:

“Noisette of Lamb with Baby Vegetables: What woman does not long to be carried like a lamb in the arms of the man she loves.”

“Gypsy Magic and Imperial Splendor: The gypsies wandering romantically through the Countryside make watercress soup but the Russians with fire and passion prefer Borsch.”

“Duck with Orange and Grand Marnier Sauce: A plate of Chinese magic in whose life the duck has always had a very special place.”

“Normandy Pheasant: The leaves of Autumn fall from the trees but the beautiful exotic pheasant, who comes from China, delights the sportsman and surprisingly the sportswoman.”

“Mocha Chocolate Cake, Black Currant Gateau and Meringues: An English tea; how many men have been beguiled and captivated by a soft voice offering them a meringue?”

Can you describe a plate of food in the style of Barbara Cartland?

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A geek of both the history-and-English and the Star-Trek variety, Rose writes Regency romance with strong heroines and adorable heroes. Her most recent books are Listen to the Moon (book three in her Lively St. Lemeston series, about a very proper valet and a snarky maid-of-all-work who marry to get a plum job) and a novella about an architect and a gaming den hostess in Gambled Away, a gambling-themed anthology with Molly O'Keefe, Joanna Bourne, Jeannie Lin, and Isabel Cooper.
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8 Responses to how many men have been beguiled and captivated by a soft voice offering them a meringue?

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  2. Amy Bright says:

    “A soft voice offering them meringue” blahahahahaha

    • Rose Lerner says:

      I know right?? Is that a euphemism?

      • Georgie Wickham says:

        The trouble is that as a Scot, I just remember the old Glasgow joke – A wee boy goes into a cake shop and points in the window and says “Is that a cake or a meringue?”
        “No, you’re right” says the baker “- it’s a cake.”

  3. diane says:

    Oh my gosh, that is so funny!!!!
    How did I miss seeing you in person, Rose? I was at RWA, too.

    I just ate some chicken as tender as a gentleman’s kiss.

  4. Elke says:

    Hm… I don’t even try 😮 I am stunned! It’s so interesting to see how -obviously- someone thinks there needs to be more to awesome food thane fresh and healthy ingredients, skillful preparation and eye pleasing preparation – no knick knacks needed! Incredibly interesting though…

  5. Georgie Wickham says:

    Cornflakes: Crisp morsels of sunshine surrendering gracefully to the creamy embrace of Liquid Love.

  6. Elena Greene says:

    LOL, Rose! And I used to think Cartland’s breathless heroines were over the top…

    I’ve been sick and trying to catch up on the Riskies’ posts, but this is just the laugh I needed. Thanks!

    This is woefully late, but here’s my description of the prescription cough medicine (with codeine) I’ve been taking:

    A golden, soothing elixir which brings about a blissful languor conducive to dreams of love…

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