Classics as Regencies…

Rakish Lord Pooh destroys hearts and reputations with his honeyed words of seduction…

Returning from the Peninsula, Captain Ahab sees the statuesque woman dressed in white across a crowded ballroom. She must be his…at any cost.

She shocks the ton…driven by wild passion, Lady Constance Chatterley allows a male servant to remove her gloves.

Lady O goes beyond the green baize door and gets quite an education!

To the envy of his fellow collectors of antiquities, Viscount Spade adds another priceless figurine to his collection.

Seated in the famous bow window of the Cannery Row Club, the languid dandies of the ton wager on the outcome of a match between a seamstress and the local doctor.

Is his heart touched at last? Romance is in the air when the enigmatic recluse the Duke of Badger holds a houseparty at Wildwoods Manor in this sparkling Christmas regency–but then two mysterious strangers arrive.

Yes, yes, I will, yes…Lord and Lady Bloom ignite Dublin society.

Clad in her one of trademark diaphanous white gowns, Miss Darling must choose between a host of young suitors led by the boyishly handsome Lord Pan or a fascinating pirate with a dark past for whom time is running out…

OK, your turn.

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6 Responses to Classics as Regencies…

  1. Lonely Lady Alice falls from grace and into a royal court filled with intrigue, revenge, drugs and delusions. Will she keep her head or lose her hearts?

  2. The dashing Count Dracula, a mysterious gentleman said to hail from an exotic European land, is much sought-after at the coming out ball of Miss Lucy Westenra. His popularity wanes, however, when he fails to make morning calls the next day.

    Mr John Proctor discovers how cruel debutantes can be when he and his wife are given the cut direct by the silliest chits of the season.

    Lord Oedipus discovers that the marriage of convenience he shied away from would have been the better choice after all.

  3. Elena Greene says:

    Miss Gale travels to the Great City, eager for her presentation at court, only to meet three very different beaux along the way.

  4. Jillian and Elena, thanks for your excellent contributions!

  5. Brilliant, ladies! Absolutely brilliant!

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