A Frivolous Competition

Maybe it is because I’ve lost too many Words With Friends games lately, or maybe it is because I watched part of the Sonoma Grand Prix today, but I’m feeling competitive, so I’ve devised a Risky competition. A dumb one.

Game on! What Risky Book Commands The Highest Price On Ebay?

I even devised rules for the game.

1. Book must be a paperback
2. It must be Historical (leaving out some Jewel and Mullany books)
3. No novellas or double books
4. No special releases (leaving out a bunch of McCabe and Gaston books)
5. Written under our “Risky” names (No Diane Perkins books – Amanda sneaks in with her Laurel McKee because it is on the Risky site)
6. Book must mail from the US, because the UK and AU books (McCabe, Mullany, Gaston) are more costly by virtue of being far away.
7. Book must not sell directly from Barnes and Noble on ebay as Janet’s and Carolyn’s books do. That’s just wrong.

Here are the results in no special order except the winner comes last.

Susanna Fraser

Poor Susanna did not make it to the gate, but, in her case, this is a good thing. Because her books are ebook only, if they appeared on ebay they’d likely be pirated versions, so we are glad she is not running this race. We will, however, put up the cover of her latest book, A Dream Defiant, out now!!

Gail Eastwood

$(KGrHqVHJC8FFGdpfJUIBRVtMvJrGg~~_32Gail has a very respectable offering in An Unlikely Hero (1996) which has a Buy It Now price of $7.99




Myretta Robens

$T2eC16d,!w0E9szN,Fj3BRW9PJdW-!~~_32Myretta lags a bit behind Gail. Her Just Say Yes (2005), the book that finalled for the 2006 RITA Award for Best Regency Romance, is going for $5.98.



Laurel McKee

Laurel is pretty far ahead with Duchess of Sin (2011) at $9.75. Can anybody beat her?



Megan Frampton

$(KGrHqVHJC0FFJcwBq5nBRV)wOr+kg~~_35Megan’s 2005 Regency, A Singular Lady, slips back in the pack with a $5.98 price tag, but if you don’t have this delightful book, you might want to snap it up. This is the only copy for sale on ebay.


Elena Greene

mnDVMqNTKAa88r2EXIskBhwElena’s 2005 Regency (2005 was a GREAT year for Regencies), Lady Dearing’s Masquerade , sprinted past Laurel with a cost of $10.62. She’s the girl to beat.



Amanda McCabe

Amanda just squeaked past Megan with A Notorious Woman (2007), one of her early Harlequin Historicals, set in romantic Venice, for sale at $6.99, not enough to catch up to Gail and way behind herself/Laurel and Elena.



Diane Gaston

A surprising surge for my Valiant Soldier, Beautiful Lady (2011), passing Elena and Megan at $7.86. Why this book? Why not one of the older, harder to find ones? I am so close to Gail, by the way, I could just reach over and knock her off her…..never mind!!!


Carolyn Jewel

$T2eC16ZHJIkE9qU3k6-iBQ1NckvpsQ~~60_12Wait a minute!! Carolyn just streaked past me with Not Wicked Enough (2012) at $9.75. She’s pumping her legs hard to catch up to Elena. The race is getting exciting!


Elena’a struggling, too, though, to catch up to the leader. One of us is way ahead!

Janet Mullany

The first place winner is Janet! Her Jane and the Damned (2010) is crossing the finish line at a speed–I mean–cost of $13.88. That passes even the Laurels in this group.

Personally, I think vampires should be excluded (well, I think that now. In fact, I just thought of it this second)

Which reminds me, I never thought of a prize….I think the prize should be the satisfaction of a race well-run. What do you think? What should the prize of this competition be?????

About diane

Diane Gaston is the RITA award-winning author of Historical Romance for Harlequin Historical and Mills and Boon, with books that feature the darker side of the Regency. Formerly a mental health social worker, she is happiest now when deep in the psyches of soldiers, rakes and women who don’t always act like ladies.
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11 Responses to A Frivolous Competition

  1. Elena Greene says:

    Gotta watch out for those vampires, I tell you…

    Congratulations to Janet!

    And I’d like to point out to a shiny new paperback of Lady Dearing’s Masquerade with a prettier cover is available for less than that E-bay price.

    • diane says:

      Oh, yes!!!! Don’t buy that ebay version!! Click on the bookcover (last one on the right sidebar) to go directly to amazon!!

  2. carolyn says:

    Good heavens!

    $9.75 for Not Wicked Enough? But it’s still available from the publisher at $7.59!

    I KNEW I should have tripped that blasted Janet.

  3. Ooh! Did I win something?

    But, scratching head, you can buy Jane and the Damned for $5.60 on amazon at the moment (sorry, no link, I don’t do html after 9 pm). So this really doesn’t make sense at all.

  4. This was delightful! And I am ever intrigued at the prices books fetch on eBay.

    I was on eBay late one night doing searches for research books when I came across a newly listed copy of The Regency Companion. The starting bid was about $10.00 and the auction ended @ 5PM the next day. I put in a max bid of $40.00. That was all I could afford to spend on it at the time. I had no idea of actually winning the book, a book that listed used on Amazon for $250.00 plus. Imagine my surprise the next evening after work when I spied an email in my box telling me I’d won the auction! Shipping and all I paid just under $50.00 for this book and when it arrived it was in pristine condition! I can only surmise it was listed and gone before most people knew it was on eBay and the owner didn’t know what he had. Lucky for me!

    I think there should be a prize for winning this race. Perhaps a Golden Slipper? Or a Golden Half Boot?

    • diane says:

      Louisa, what a coup!!!! I had a similar experience years ago when The Regency Companion was listed for sale on ebay on Thanksgiving Day. I stayed up til midnight making sure I won. I paid about $40 as I recall and there weren’t any copies listing at $250 back then.

  5. I think I need to put all my Riskies books on ebay–they are doing me no good on the shelf!!! 🙂

    • diane says:

      Here’s an idea for a new competition. We all put our extra books up on ebay and see who makes the most money! Of course, we all have lots of spare time to do this….

  6. Fun to watch the race!

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