A Fashion For Vice

Before I get to the smutty talk, let me apologize for last Wednesday. I was sick with the ague. Ick. Anyway, this week’s post is about another book although it might be fairer to call it a pamphlet. The Georgian Bawdy House, by Emily Brand.

Here with, my by the moment review:

Oh my god. No. Way. Ewww.
One sexual myth of the early part of the Long 18th Century: amorous embraces could revive the dead. Right. How is that not necrophilia?

Viper-Wine. OK. That’s awesome. Drink viper-wine and you get frisky, even if you’re ::coughcough:: older.
Of course I googled it. Here.

Vinum Viperinum
Viper juice
of dried Vipers two Ounces
of white Wine three Pints
Infuse with a gentle Heat for a Week and then strain the Wine off
There has been some Dispute whether living or dry’d Vipers are best Viper Wine or whether a cold or hot Infusion is preferable. The college here has preferr’d dry’d Vipers and a warm Infusion; but the medicine is not of Consequence enough to be worth disputing about. I believe the Virtues it is pos’d of are very inconsiderable. A Medicine has been advertis’d in Town the Name of Viper Wine which is said to have had very extraordinary Effects such as might be from a Tincture of Cantharides which upon Examination I find it really to be.


:::Boggle::: There is a picture of ladies examining dildos, with testicles and hair. Ohmygod.

Oh. Hey. The Duke of Wellington. Boxing. Plenty of Regency era stuff here.

Kitties!!! (It’s a print with fighting cats.)

Oh….. I get it. Very funny. Snort.

My sweet honey, I hope you are to be let with the Lodgings!
No. Sir. I am to be let alone.

Boy, I wish this was on my iPad. Because the font is TINY!

Themed amatory entertainment. Hoo boy. Really? All righty.

Mollyhouses were meeting places for homosexual intercourse.

A lot of this makes me sad. The average age of a London prostitute: 16-24. As with everything, some women were wealthy — while they were still young, but so many other women were just trying to make ends meet.

I will continue with this next week, I think.

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6 Responses to A Fashion For Vice

  1. Elena says:

    Fascinating mix of stuff, Carolyn, from creepy to funny to sad. Aspects of life that often are glossed over or romanticized. Please do share more next week.

    I wonder if that first myth came about due to cases where someone was mistaken for dead and maybe it was a loving (but not amorous as in sexy–that would be ew) embrace that aroused them?

    • Elena says:

      Oops! I meant “awakened” not “aroused” in that sense. Going to get coffee before I embarrass myself further.

  2. diane says:

    I was laughing until the part where you said the average prostitute was aged 16-24….I think there was a whole, very sordid part of Georgian and Regency eras that would not be very pretty.

  3. Good Lord those Georgians were up for anything, weren’t they?? But how very sad those girls went into a profession certain to end badly for them.

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