Late Late Late!

I am trying frantically to finish a WIP by the end of the day, so not time to post!!  No time for anything!!  But I did read that February 19, 1717 was the birthday of actor David Garrick.  Look how very dramatic he is…he def needs some attention.  Read more about him here…

Will be back next week, out of the trenches!Garrick

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4 Responses to Late Late Late!

  1. diane says:

    Good luck, Amanda! You can do it!

  2. Elena says:

    Yes, you can do it! And don’t forget to celebrate after.

  3. Go Amanda Go! And I loved the link!

  4. librarypat says:

    Good luck finishing up your WIP.

    This poor man appears to be in danger of something. Maybe overacting. This many years later, I fear there isn’t much we can do for him.

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