Tuesday Fashion

Book due at the end of the week! Can’t think, can’t think! It’s Deadline Days at the McCabe/McKee house, and that means the place is a mess and there is no food in the fridge. So I am falling back on my favorite deadline blog post–looking at pretty dresses from the “Random Gowns” folder on my computer. I love all of these. Which is your favorite? (and bonus points if you can tell us the time periods…)

Back next week with a proper post, I promise!

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13 Responses to Tuesday Fashion

  1. I love the second gown – which has to be 1920s, doesn’t it? Wonder if it was tickly on your legs though?! Good luck with the deadline meeting!

  2. SarahSiddons says:

    Love them all though could foresee difficulties with the hooped and panniered gowns

  3. OH! I love all of these. I want to own–and wear–the first one. Gorgeous!

    Good luck with deadlines, Amanda

  4. Diane Gaston says:

    Wow. There are some Regency dresses there I haven’t seen before! Beautiful.

    The last dress must be 1950s/early60s and is not my favorite. I think there are very few women who could wear that and look good. I think you are one of them, though!

  5. These dress blogs are always fun. I like the first black, the pink and white, the red and tan, and the final white.

    Diane, I could never in a million years squeeze myself into any one of these, least of the all the first black and the last white, but they’re beautiful to look at.

  6. Sophia, I do love dresses with feathers, but they do seem to molt (and tickle!). I love the 1920s styles too–like the Regency style they just seem so comfortable and easy to wear, though sadly they are not as flattering on me as I would like. The tight waists and full skirts of the 1950s (like the white wedding dress of the last pic) seem to work better on me…

    Megan, that first dress is a Dior from the 1950s and I love it! It would look smashing on you, though not so much on me 🙁

  7. I also love the gold-embroidered Jacobean jacket (pictured with the red skirt), which shockingly is made for an adult and not a child! I museum recently sponsored a recreation of that jacket, hand-embroidered with period details, which took a long time to complete. I will have to find a link to that article, it was fascinating

  8. I like the pink one with the black cloak and hat. So dashing!

  9. LadyDoc says:

    I could never choose just one- they are all wonderful. So, since “bonus points” were offered, here are my guesses for the decades each dress belongs to in order from the top: 1950s, 1920s, 1870s, 1750s, 1770s, 1810s,1790s, 1810s, 1840s, 1780s, 1810s, 1770s, 1780s, 1960s.

    Exactly when each dress was likely to be worn would vary a little also depending on whether the dress was from France, England or the US, wouldn’t it?

    FUN post- thanks!

  10. Elena Greene says:

    All pretty to look at. I’d like to try on something like the 7th and the 2nd to last–the simpler late Georgian gowns. I like the prints and think the cut might work on an hourglass figure. The 1920s styles, not so much!

  11. Love these! I want all of them.

  12. I think I’ll take the lavender Regency dress with the long sleeves just to wear around the house while I’m writing 🙂

  13. Enid Wilson says:

    The purple one and the last one look gorgeous. I wish I had the figure to wear them. Good luck with the deadline.

    My Darcy Mutates…

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