Liz Carlyle and her BFF

A big Riskies welcome today to Liz Carlyle and her Best Furred Friends.

Today your comments and questions are very important. Not only will you have fun and enter to win the drawing for a copy of Liz’s book, but Avon has very generously agreed to donate $1 per comment to Cat Angels, Liz’s favorite animal rescue organization. HarperCollins will donate up to $3,000, but you will only be counted once in the entire blog tour, not by the number of comments you make. But please don’t let that inhibit you today!
Get talking and become a furry godmother.

Grace’s tenacity, wit, and compassion make her a very believable, multidimensional character and the perfect match for Ruthveyn’s brooding and dark secrets. The romance sizzles, its unpredictability propelling this complex story far beyond its contemporaries. Starred review, Publishers Weekly.

First, let’s talk cats. Are there any cats in the book?

I do love to have animal characters in my books, and Lord Ruthveyn is definitely a cat person. So I gave him a pair of solid silver tabbies, in honor of Pelham and Mary, two of our rescue cats. Ruthveyn’s silver cats are named Silk and Satin. They sleep on his bed, and love only him — isn’t that so cat-typical? Here’s a picture of Pel and Mary just a few days after they came to us as terrified feral kittens. They have really blossomed since, but I think they will always be a little more shy than most cats.

(Aaaw) And these other adorable critters belong to Liz. What are they gazing at so intently? But let’s get to the book: Tell us the story behind the story of ONE TOUCH OF SCANDAL. What sparked the original idea for the trilogy?

I think the spark came from spending too much time in the British Museum, and reading too many books. But I’ve always been fascinated by psychic gifts, and the many forms such talents can take across the broad sweep of world cultures. One of my older novels—THREE LITTLE SECRETS—was about a young boy who had inherited “the Gift” from his Scottish ancestors, and he is the character around whom this new series is very loosely built. His book is the second in the series, ONE WICKED GLANCE, which will be out in late May, I believe.

What’s your favorite scene in the book?

Strangely, I think it’s a quiet little scene in Hyde Park where Grace and Ruthveyn must confront their mutual doubt and distrust. For the first time in his life, Ruthveyn has found himself in a relationship in which he is “blind”—he cannot read Grace, which is at once a relief to him, and a bit unsettling. He realizes he has reached a turning point in his life; that he must learn to trust his ordinary human instincts, which tell him that Grace is a woman he can believe in. A woman he can love. This is all very new for him. It makes for a very emotional scene; a moment of bonding, if you will.

What’s the appeal of the Victorian age for you?

It is the Age of Empire, so we still have the elegant society of the Regency with dashes of expansionism and intellectualism. Science was becoming fashionable, India was exploding, steam and train travel were shrinking the world, we had a woman on the throne again, the Continent was in constant political turmoil—and then, oh my!—the clothes! Crinolines, corsets, bustles—and then there’s the incredible jewelry! Really, what’s not to like?

What do you find particularly challenging about the Victorian age?

I’m not quite as well-versed in the history of the era as I was the earlier third of the 19th century, so my research takes a little longer. The Victorian era spanned over six decades, a period of time during which almost everything we knew—society, science, literature, the role of women, the primacy of the aristocracy, even our cultural mores—was in flux. The phrase “it’s complicated” was probably coined in the Victorian era. It really is a lot to take on!

Tell us about your research and any favorite research books you use.

My fall-back source is always the good old Encyclopedia Britannica, but a fairly old edition, one which leaves out all the unnecessary stuff—like most of the twentieth century. My mother-in-law was a professor of European History, so I inherited a vast library from her. Over the years I’ve bought a lot of reference books from the National Trust—particularly in their shops around the UK, and I keep a membership with them which includes some wonderful periodicals that are always chock-full of inspiration. But there’s nothing like seeing something firsthand, so I travel as much as possible.

What the buildings are on your website banner–they’re gorgeous!

That is a sort of mini-montage of photographs I shot several years ago in Castle Combe, an absolutely breathtaking village in Wiltshire on the edge of the Cotswolds. (I used to be quite the photographer, but digital has thrown me a bit.) Castle Combe is a little off the beaten path, but well worth the drive. It really is like visiting another century—which is just the sort of experience I aspire to give my readers. If you don’t like driving on the left, you can visit Castle Combe here!

What’s next for you?

Oh, I’m so excited! Next I’ll be finishing the third book in the Fraternitas series, which will feature the impenitent scoundrel of the bunch—Lord Lazonby, a man who takes very little of life seriously. He’s served a long tour of duty in the French Foreign Legion, and spent several years in prison for murder. He also has a nasty—and somewhat undeserved—reputation as a bit of a card sharp. My critique partner Deb Marlow says Lazonby is the most unrepentant bad boy she’s seen in a while. But I’ve got just the character to flog Lazonby into shape—perhaps literally, if that’s what it takes. It’s too soon to tell yet, but I’ve got the whip to hand.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to visit with the Riskies!

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122 Responses to Liz Carlyle and her BFF

  1. Thanks for visiting, Liz! I think I’ve read–hm, all of your books, so I’ll be picking this new one up, too.

    I wish I could have cats, but alas, I am allergic. My best friend has three, one of whom likes to go into the cupboards and remove the Power Bars. Just the Power Bars, nothing else. No idea why.

    Yay for cat rescue!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I can’t wait for the new Liz book! She NEVER lets me down. What a great idea for cat rescue….

  3. May says:

    I am lucky enough to get my hand on this book early. You never disappoint me. Absolutely love your writing.

  4. Deb Marlowe says:

    Yay! I’m so glad the day is here, this series is finally coming out and I can TALK to someone about them!

    I love, love love the new time period and the new world that you are building with these books, Liz. It’s rich and interesting and full of men I want to read more about. 🙂 They will have a hard time beating Ruthveyn, though! He is dark and mysterious, the perfect brooding hero!

    BTW–I can’t stop looking at the pic of Mary–I had no idea she could actually hold still. 🙂

  5. Liz Carlyle says:

    Thank you, ladies, so much! Isn’t this a great thing Avon is doing?

    Megan, Stuart as a carboholic. (I’ll be blogging about that next week . . . ) We have to hide the bread, or he’ll chew a hole in the wrapper and eat it. ???? We feed him gourmet cat food, and he’d rather eat whole wheat bread? He used to tip over the kitchen can, and eat garbage. A week after we got him, I had to buy a hundred-dollar Simple Human trash can. Ouch. We call him the hundred-dollar cat now . . .

  6. Hi Liz,

    Glad to have the opportunity to talk with you again! Hope you are enjoying your vacation in the Blue Ridge.

    You know me as an avid fan of your work and I am so looking forward to this new series. Also glad to see another of your characters recycled as it were, in this new series. This step into the Victorian age is a giant step for you so it should be doubly interesting to read.

    There are so few historical romances written today that are set in the USA. Have you ever considered setting a book in 19th century America or even into early 20th century?

  7. Beth Caudill says:

    Congrats on the new release Liz.

    I have to say I am a dog person. My husband and a cat when we first moved in with each other. The cat did not like me and I did not like the dead bird gifts on the front steps.

    But we managed to share my husband. Although, I have to say I’m happier having a dog.

    Can’t wait to read the new series. I love secret society plots.

  8. Angel Barbin says:

    Liz, you’re an awesome writer and you help cats? You are my hero.
    On another note, my English Heritage guidebooks are a bit old but I have found them to be wonderful research sources.

  9. Jenny Brown says:

    Congrats on the new book–and what a great way to make a blog tour even more meaningful!

  10. Hi, Liz.

    I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve yet to read one of your books, and I’ve been a HCRW chapter member for a while now. Really, really pink faced here. The best thing is I now have an entire library of Liz books awaiting me, which means a trip to B and N today.

    My feline, Oliver Biscuit, is curled up next to me as I’m writing this. We thank you and Avon for this opportunity to help our furry companions.

    Going to get your new release…Now!

  11. Liz Carlyle says:

    Karen, if I wrote about the US how would I deduct my travel on my income tax return????

  12. Sonja Foust says:

    Sounds great! I can’t wait to read it. And your kitties are beautiful. 🙂

  13. Liz Carlyle says:

    Beth, my mom always said you should marry a man who loves cats because they will respect your independence and never expect obedience. Her theory was that if a man loved dogs and hated cats, it was a baaaad sign. So you probably got a keeper there. I think you’d better let him head over to Cat Angels (www.catangelsnc.omc, BTW) and get another cat soon.

  14. Liz Carlyle says:

    Angel, one of the coolest resources I ever found was an old Baedeker’s travel guide to London — but one that was written in the late Victorian era. It was just amazing, even down to the opening hours of the museums, etc. I loved it so much I lurked on eBay until I got another for Deb Marlowe for her Christmas gift.

  15. Liz Carlyle says:

    That’s okay, Lucie. Cat Angels just got a dollar for your post, and they NEED it. Thanks.

  16. A new Liz Carlyle is always a big occasional for me so I can’t wait for this one.

    I’m catless for the first time in many years, since my last old lady died. I’ve been traveling a lot so I’m loath to replace her. But my neighbor has an adorable kitten who comes to visit and I am very, very tempted…

  17. Liz Carlyle says:

    OMG, guys. We have $10 and it isn’t even 10 am. How can we stir up more business? LOL.

    Also, can I just comment this site by saying this is the only capcha-word verification system I’ve ever been able to read? Usually I have to try about 6 times to pass the test. Is that just me?

  18. Lydia Dare says:


    I am such a fan and soo excited about the new series. I cannot wait. AND…even though I’m under deadline, I’m sure I won’t be able to stop myself from devouring this latest book. Nobody tell my editor. 😉

    What a wonderful charity I hope you get more comments than you can reply to.

  19. Liz Carlyle says:

    Miranda, I always say TAKE TWO, ’cause their small. And two cats will play, and stay healthier. I was very daunted taking three cats from one litter, but my husband said, “Honey, how can we split up a family?” And he said it with a straight face, too.

  20. Virginia C says:

    Hi, Liz! “One Touch of Scandal” sounds delightful–a unique and very appealing love story! My seven cats were all rescue/abuse cases. Even though I resuced them, they have stuck by me through thick and thin, so I think they have “saved” me. My cats have never been aloof, and we are a very close family unit. They bring me much joy and make me laugh. I can’t imagine my life without them.

  21. Kirsten says:

    Hi Liz, your book looks awesome.
    So great to have cats in it and Lord Ruthveyn being a cat person.

    I never was a cat person until I decided to adopt a pet a good 15 years ago. I went to the shelter and a large cat with a combination of grey and white fur stared at me. His eyes a deep amber, black outlined quietly observing me. I stepped closer and he got to his feet and, until this day I swear, a huge smile alit his face! My heart melted and I knew he picked me as his new owner not the other way round. We had an amazing time together. He was the cat that never scratched or hissed but always smiled and blinked his eyes. Wanting to sit on my lap rather then any place else. I’ve had and have other cats after his early passing, all wonderful in their own right, but you’ll always remeber your first cat.

  22. Thanks for stopping by and talking to us, Liz! The new series sounds amazing!!

  23. Wonderful interview! I just love kitties, and yours are adorable, Liz! I’m excited to read the book, especially knowing the hero is a cat lover 🙂

  24. I am so looking forward to this series, Liz. Love, love, love your books. Anna Campbell and I are always talking about “Have you read this Liz Carlyle or that Liz Carlyle?”

    And you could not be supporting a cause more dear to my heart. As the maid, chef and litter box attendant to four rescued cats I am thrilled Avon is supporting you in this cause. My rescued dogs thank you as well because strange as it seems they love their feline brothers and sister.

    Your cats are GORGEOUS, by the way.

    Was it easier to write about psychic events and abilities in the Victorian age? In my limited historical research in this area (I write Regency so I haven’t studied the Victorian era as much.) it is my understanding that the Victorians were far more open to the supernatural. Were there any resources available about psychic phenomena during this era that you found particularly helpful?

    I am off to round up my cat loving friends to send them this way!

  25. Becky Moore says:

    I was so happy to read your perspective of why you like the Victorian era. My thoughts in pursuing my degree in literature years ago was that it was a dark, dirty time preoccupied with Dickens. Yuck! I may have to think with a different mindset … And I’ll definitely be reading this story. Thanks!

  26. MJFredrick says:

    Congratulations on the new release!

  27. Mary Ellen says:

    Oohh . . . temptation! I think I’m going to have to add this one to my Amazon shopping list ASAP!

    As for cat-loving “characters,” in real life or fiction, I’ve been researching the life and career of David Belasco (1854-1931), the legendary American theatrical director/producer/playwright, and it turns out he was QUITE a cat lover! He especially liked black cats, as he tended to dress in black. He even gave the occasional interview with a cat perched on his shoulder and peering intently at the reporter. Belasco also collected little cat figures, mostly in the classic arched-back position. They can be seen displayed on the mantelpiece in some photos of his opulent office/studio.

  28. Alleyne Dickens says:

    Love your books, Liz, and am a big fan of rescue!

  29. The book sounds terrific, I’ll definitely be looking for it on my next bookstore visit.

    And Cat Rescue is so great. When I found my fluffy cat, Wookie, she was only 3 weeks old. Luckily all the kitten rescue places were full…so Wookie made herself at home in my house…er, I guess that’s HER house, lol.

  30. Diana Cosby says:

    Hi Liz,
    I enjoyed your interview and loved how you incorporated your passion into a great cause. ^5 Thank you for sharing the pictures, your work toward helping rescue cats, and I wish you continued success on all fronts!

  31. Diane Gaston says:

    Welcome to the Riskies, Liz! We’re so delighted to have you here, not only to talk about your wonderful new book, but to help cats!!! (Thank Avon for us, too)

    I only have 4 cats at home…

    Re: Victorian age…How to you handle the fashions for men? Because they were truly awful in that age.

  32. Liz, welcome to the Riskies and what a great response we’re getting! (I’ve only just woken up and my cat is doing the leg gnawing thing so I must go and feed her.)

  33. Robin Kaye says:

    The book sounds fabulous Liz and I adore your cats! What beautiful furbabys! I have a three-legged Bengal who made it into one of my books–a true character. I think pets can tell us so much about their humans. Thanks to Avon for supporting Cat Rescue.

    Megan, the whole powerbar thing is the crinkly wrapping. I had a cat who had a thing for Tampons-the kind with the plastic wrappers–they were perfect cat toys. He would find them (he could also open drawers) and carry them around. Sigh…it was quite embarrassing!

  34. Hi Liz. Your book sounds wonderful and your cats are beautiful. Yay for Avon!

  35. Tess says:

    Great cause! Your books sound fascinating…I must pick one up!

  36. My beautiful tuxedo cat, Jack, is my constant companion in my office when I am writing. He would approve of this post and your worthy cause, I’m sure!

  37. Anonymous says:

    Love your books, and love the kitties! Thanks for helping them out…

  38. Hi, Liz. What a wonderful effort to help the kitties. And the pictures of your cats are just adorable.

    All of the stories sound wonderful, and I have to say I’m intrigued by Lord Lazonby. 🙂

  39. liz Carlyle says:

    Virginia, I know how you feel. I can’t imagine a life without a cat. A house without a cat feels . . . soulless to me.

  40. Liz Carlyle says:

    Kirsten, I love your cat story. What was your first cat’s name?

    There is nothing like a shelter cat. They seem to know that they are lucky. Ours seem so happy.

  41. Liz, you’ve been an auto-buy for me for ages and I absolutely can’t wait to read this!

    Megan, I had a cat who used to eat Hostess Sno-balls (really, who doesn’t like them?).

  42. Liz Carlyle says:

    Louisa, you and Anna are a hoot. Is Anna a Cat Person? I’m guessing yes.

    I do know that there was a lot of supernatural experimentation going on in the Victorian era. I think back then, science was really coming to the forefront and they were still sorting out what was and wasn’t science. But no, I mostly used my imagination.

  43. Connie says:

    Liz I love your books and am looking forward to the new one! I am a major cat person (2 15 yr old black cats named Picabo and Moe). Moe loves carbs…..can’t leave bread on the counter…..and Picabo has a sweet tooth for ice cream and pudding!

    Cat rescue is a wonderful cause and we have a total of 9 cats in our family, all rescued.

  44. Liz Carlyle says:

    Mary Ellen, I LOVE black cats. Did you know that they are the hardest cats for shelters to place in new homes? For some reason, people resist them. It might be superstition. Or the fear of black cat hair on furniture? Not sure what it is, but I can tell you it is TOUGH. So everyone, next time you are thinking about a cat, do consider the black ones. Almost all black cats have exceptional personalities.

  45. liz Carlyle says:

    Diane, so true about the fashions. I am just fluffing over the details, frankly. And another thing I dislike is the facial hair. It was so prevalent. Ugh. I am generally NOT a fan of facial hair.

  46. liz Carlyle says:

    Hi, Trish!!!!! What have you been up to? And more importantly, are YOU writing about cats? LOL. I recommend it.

  47. Cynthia Cooke says:

    Liz, what a fab idea! I am definitely a cat person, and wish I could have more. 😉 Your new series sounds awesome. I love books with a touch of something mystical. Can’t wait to read it.

  48. Anonymous says:

    I love all your books and I adore cats too so this collaboration with Avon and Cat Angels is fantastic news to me. Can’t wait to read the new book!

  49. Merry Simmons says:

    What a terrific deal! I get to read a great interview with one of my favorite authors and help cat resue as well. Thanks for doing this.


  50. Emma says:

    Liz, I really appreciate what you’re doing and I really appreciate your comment on the black cats. My black cat was Quinn. He was big boy, 19 lbs of pure muscle with claws to match. He never scratched me, though, not even by accident. Talk about sweet. And funny. He loved his dry food and, if we moved the dish, he had this wierd dance he’d do until we moved it back. (Sort of like what Al Gore would look like if he tried to do ‘Riverdance.’) We lost him to renal failure but I’m so grateful he was a part of my life. He was a great boy!

  51. Liz Carlyle says:

    I had a renal cat, too. We lost her a few years ago, but she lived many years post-diagnosis. We sometimes had a bag of fluids hanging off the dining room chandelier but it kept her going.

    Funny thing is, I’m highly allergic to cats, or so the allergist told me. I got tested for 90-some allergens and she looked at my arm and said, “Gosh, I hope you don’t have any cats.” I guess she saw the stubborn look on my face then said, “Well, okay, at least try not to sleep with them.” hahahahahhahah Not happening.

  52. Liz Carlyle says:

    Merry, a big thanks goes to Avon. This was ALL their idea. They just told me to pick my favorite animal charity. I was amazed and thrilled. Picking was hard, though. There are so many worthwhile shelters and spay-neuter clinics.

  53. Karen H in FL says:

    I just saw your email about this charitable venture. I have been reading your books forever and am looking forward to the new series.

    I’m also happy to leave a comment and grab some money for the cats. We’re currently catless but I expect we’ll have another one one of these days.

  54. Anonymous says:

    I just finished “Never Deceive a Duke”– great murder mystery!

    Raleigh, NC

  55. Carolyn says:

    How lovely to have you at the Riskies, Liz. And what cute cats you have, too. Kudos to you and Avon for putting together this donation for such a great cause.

    Am looking forward to reading the book, too, by the way!

  56. Hi,
    I love your books and pay attention to your emails. I have a tuxedo cat that likes to take walks with me, and is currently perched on my desk as I write. (It’s her petting time-hard to write though, but she owns me) It’s fun to do good works when I enjoy what I am doing. Good luck with your project, and, of course, your book!

  57. Anonymous says:

    Time spent with a Liz Carlyle book is time well spent! I am so looking forward to the new series and what terrific cause for us to all support.

  58. PJ says:

    Hi Liz! Congrats on the new series. I didn’t know about the connection to THREE LITTLE SECRETS. What fun! I’ll be getting a copy of ONE TOUCH OF SCANDAL. Can’t wait to dive into your Victorian world!

    What adorable cats! I’m a dog person (allergic to cats) but I support all animal rescue efforts. Both of my pups were rescues.

    Thanks for supporting the cause and many thanks to Avon for their generous support as well!

  59. Kwana says:

    Wonderful post Liz! I’m a huge fan and adore the idea of cat rescue. If I wasn’t allergic I’d surely have a cat or 2.

  60. Jenn says:

    I love cats and I’m so pleased Avon is doing this! I will definitely miss my two when I move overseas. My parents will surely enjoy having them though!

  61. Liz, what a lovely blog! You have no idea how much I’m looking forward to this book. Isn’t Castle Combe a beautiful village? I visited there by chance in the evening after a perfect summer’s day. As you say, you really felt like you’d been transported to an earlier time. And aren’t those National Trust books to die for? And even better, the UK has a paper postage rate so getting them home is a doddle! Thanks so much for swinging by today and thank you to Avon for donating to Cat Angels!

  62. Maureen says:

    I think it’s wonderful that you’re earining money animals by going on your blog tour. Good luck with it. We have two cats that we got from the SPCA as kittens. We went to get one and my daughter and her friend saw all the kittens that needed homes and begged us to adopt another one.

  63. Love your books and also the cat rescue project. I have two cats, which were both rescue animals. Missy and Lily, who is a 45 pound elderly cat. I would like to see more of these precious cats saved. Saw about your blog over on my Face book.

  64. Valerie L says:

    Cat’s Angels are very special people whether working alone or in a group. I am happy to let my comment bring more money to this worthy organization. Right now I have 2 rescued cats and 1 more which I feed on the porch. Hopefully by winter I’ll be able to coax him in to get warm and join our Merrie Bande. Thank you for this opportunity to win a good book and help a worthy cause.

  65. Liz, I am so excited and cannot wait for this new series 🙂 I read ALL of your books, and love them all. They’re all keepers, so I just KNOW these will be too.
    I was glad to find out you’re a cat lady, as I am also. We have two that we adopted a few years ago, after the passing of Halen (my husbands cat named after Van Halen/he’s the product of the
    80’s while I’m the Disco Queen of the 70’s). We named them Pheobe and Zakk (after Friends and Ozzy Osborne’s guitarist Zakk Wylde).We love them as they were our kids.

    Wishing you all the best and keep the MUSE going 🙂

  66. Congratulations on your latest book and on the rescue of cats. All my cats have been unwanted pets. People moving to non-pet apartments, or having babies, or something. All of them were very special individuals.
    At the moment, I am adoptive parent of an abandoned dog, so no cats for me right now, but I am sure one will find its way to my door.
    Best wishes and keep up your great work.

  67. Hi Liz,

    Congrats on your new release–can’t wait to get my hands on it!

    A special thanks to Avon helping out this wonderful organization. I’ll spread the word.


  68. Sabrina says:

    I’m looking forward to this book SO MUCH. Your books are always great, but I do love a good Victorian from time to time.

    Your cats are dolls!

    I too have an ancient set of Encyclopedia Britannica (1940) that has lots of meaty entries. They’re great, aren’t they? And you can usually buy the old ones for a song.

  69. Elena Greene says:

    Thanks for coming to the Riskies, Liz! Your books sound so intriguing and are going right on the TBR list.

  70. Liz, will you still like me if I say I more often include dogs in my books. 🙂 I like cats, but I am more of a dog person. I have to be drugged up on allergy meds to be around kitties anymore.

    But, hey, maybe I’ll add a kitty or two to the book I’m working on now. 🙂

  71. Wonderful post and adorable kitties, Liz! I’m big into animal rescue. Since I’m allergic to cats, we adopted a golden retriever last year from Triad Golden Rescue organization. Helping Sophie to learn to trust and interact appropriately with us has been a challenge but so worth it. We need to give every animal a chance. When we pour love into an animal that needs a home, we get back so much love in return.

  72. I love cats. I have two who are female and they don’t get along. My calico is Snickers and my tuxedo cat is Stittles.

    This is a great cat charity. Thanks Liz and all!

  73. Rosie Hong says:

    Can’t wait to read this new one, and your cats are adorable!

  74. Lilly Gayle says:

    Looking forward to Liz’s new book. And love your chosen charity. I have a love/hate relationship with my daughter’s cat, Cha Cha. He loves to bring me gifts and I hate the gifts he brings. Last week, it was half a rat in the kitchen and a rat tail on my bed! My nephew should never have shown him how to use the doggie door!

  75. flchen1 says:

    That is wonderful, Liz and Avon! I have several of your books on my TBR–must get reading 😉 Thanks for the visit!

  76. Anonymous says:

    Two silver cats decide to love the unloveable, lonely man… until Princess Charming comes along and evicts them from his bed… I see conflict, humor, and fun there. Can’t wait to read the book.

    Susan in AZ

  77. Hvitveis says:

    Hello Liz! Thank you for hours spent in bliss, reading your books! And this latest book series sounds most intriguing. Def on my wish list. Freya, my persian cat says hi. (She is probably the wussiest cat I have ever known, and is not the sharpest knife in the cupboard either..Any feral cat would have her for breakfast I am afraid.)

  78. Liz Carlyle says:

    OK, had to spend some time on the road, but catching up now. LOVING all these touching cat adoption stories. And the names! You guys should ALL be writing novels.

    I would love to see a pic of the Pattersons’ cat! Wow. And Karen, now is a great time to adopt a kitty and fill that empty nest! The shelters are in dire need of homes. 🙂

  79. Liz Carlyle says:

    Anna, isn’t Castle Combe amazing??? And so far off the beaten track. I may be going back the first of October to take my sis for her birthday. We are scheduled to go to Bermuda, but the island is taking a pounding from Igor. So we’re thinking Cotswolds for a little splurge . . . it seems crazy just for an extra long weekend, but it’s so special.

  80. Liz Carlyle says:

    Lilly, ROLF and BARF. (That last isn’t an acronym, BTW.) My husband walks Stuart — supposedly on a leash, but they cheat. Last week he got loose and caught a vole while my husband was reading the morning paper. Stuart made a bee-line for the kitchen door, bringing me his “prize.” He was So Very Proud. The dh got it out unhurt — we think. I do hate voles for eating my plants, but . . .

  81. CONGRATS on the release of your latest book, Liz!

    And how fantastic that Avon is willing to donate to such a worthy cause. We don’t have a cat at the moment, but our two rescued dogs know we are lucky to have them and never fail to let us know it. 😉


  82. jcp says:

    Cute kittens and great cover too.

  83. Liz Carlyle says:

    Susan, there IS a Princess Charming in this book, but she would not dare evict Silk and Satin from Lord Ruthveyn’s bed. They are the true princesses . . . ha ha.

  84. gamistress66 says:

    Congrats on the release. I don’t think I’ve read anything by you, but this sounds great and am looking forward to trying to fit it in my tbr pile 🙂

    I’m a dog person myself, but think that you and avon doing this (even if for cats) it just fabulous. All animals deserve a chance at a loving home and happy life.

  85. Hi Liz! Hello Riskies! Just popping over from the Romance Bandits Lair to say hello. Love your work, Liz, and love Avon for donating to the kitty charity. :> I used to have Siameses and a monster rescue cat that was supposedly part Maine Coon. He was enormous. Grins. I do miss having cats…I’ll have them again when the kids are a bit older and the cat-eating-dog is gone to her great reward….

  86. Nancy says:

    Wow, what a fabulous cover! And what a great cause.

  87. Caren Crane says:

    Liz, I can never get enough of your books. I’m also really glad you set this up with Cat Angels. My older daughter and a friend did their Girl Scout Silver Award projects with Cat Angels. The people there are wonderful, kind and big-hearted. They never have enough money, space or donations, though. Good job!

  88. Liz Carlyle says:

    So glad you guys like this cover. I thought it was . . . bright. I hope it will catch some eyes once it gets racked.

    Yes, I am definitely a dog lover — have had some memorable dogs in both my books and my life. But I can’t LIVE without cats.

    Caren, go Girl Scouts!!!! Love to do your cookie drop each year. Yes, Cat Angels is a great charity.

  89. This is a very awesome idea. I love cats and I just think that its important to get the word out about cat rescue! I love Liz’s books too! Thanks for sharing today!

  90. Kat says:

    I love your books Liz.

  91. Oh I have been waiting for this book as patiently as possible for me anyway.

    I have two cats, one of them was a feral kitten and I don’t think he will ever be as friendly and outgoing as the older cat. His name is Shadow, solid gray short hair. He is named not only for his color but for the fact he tends to stay in the shadows.

  92. I am so excited that 2 gray cats will be involved in your latest book. As the proud mom of two russian blues( who were both strays when they adopted me). I can’t wait to read it and am glad that just by posting it will help a cat.

  93. Liz Carlyle says:

    Ah, more cat lovers! I have to say I do love my little feral babies. They are aloof with other people, but not with us. It is very satisfying to win their trust.

    Dianna, ours don’t hide in the shadows, they go under the bedspread in our bedroom. Three little lumps, always. We go along with the pretense that we cannot see them when they are hiding.

  94. Kate says:

    Hello Liz! I can’t wait to get my hands on “One Touch of Scandal”. And I’m already looking forward to seeing Geoffrey in the next book. ^_^

    I adore cats and one of these days I will live somewhere where I’ll be able me to adopt one. Due to housemates allergies it hasn’t happened yet. In the meantime I spend my life chasing after everyone else’s cats to visit with them. 😉 For a while I had the time to volunteer with the CT Humane Society, and it was such a pleasure to spend 3 hours a week “cat socializing”. Every cat deserves a loving home, and it is wonderful Avon is giving us this opportunity to help!

  95. Scorpio M. says:

    I am a big fan of Liz’s writing, ‘No True Gentleman,’ remains one of my all time favorites. Happy to help in any cause she believes in.

    The new book sounds SO amazing!

  96. peggy says:

    I can’t wait to read her new book.good luck with your cat rescue.

  97. Hi Liz! What a wonderful idea to have Avon donate to such a worthy cause.

    I love your books–every one of them is on my keeper shelf. I think few authors can match your ability to write a sexy, nuanced romance as well as a gripping suspense plot/mystery. Do you plan your novels beforehand or are you more of an organic writer?

    I’m counting the days until I can get my hands on ONE TOUCH OF SCANDAL!

  98. Joan says:


    Your book sounds fantastic!

    And how wonderful Lord Ruthveyn recognizes the wonder of kitties! I LOVE the names Silk and Satin!

    I have a 6 mo old silver tabby girl named Cricket and a brand new 2 mo. old pure gray little guy named Grayson. He HAS to have Russian Blue in his lineage so on particularly finicky days I call him LORD Grayson 🙂

    Also, hooray for Avon contributing to such a worthy cause!

  99. Cassondra says:

    Hi Liz, and Hi Riskies!

    This is a fantastic idea–blogging for cats!

    Love the sound of this series, as I love a hint of the paranormal–the kind easy enough to thread through a normal fictional world, and one which leaves you with a “that could be real” feeling. These sorts of psychic gift themes are always satisfying for me because of that.

    Oh and the photography..I’m so glad I’m not the only one. I have a degree in photojournalism. I can do just about anything with film. But digital? I don’t understand it at all. I’m a dinosaur. :0/

  100. Daz says:

    What a wonderful blog. Hooray to Avon for the donation too.

  101. Jane George says:

    Welcome Liz, your books and your kitties!

  102. imloco2 says:

    Love your stories. You’re one of my all time favorite authors. So great about the cat rescue fund raising. Can’t wait to read the latest.

  103. Jane says:

    Congrats on the new release, Liz. Your Devil series is one of my all time favorites. Can’t wait to read your Fraternitas books.

  104. Blissful says:

    Liz I LOVE your books! I can’t wait to read the next one!

    I also love that you are supporting a rescue organization. I’m sure that cats are thanking you.

  105. Liz,we have five (previously unwanted or stray cats) that have adopted us so I love what you and Avon have put together. I’m with you, I love dogs and have one, but I can’t live without my feline friends!

    I haven’t read any of your books but ONE TOUCH OF SCANDAL sounds delicious. I’ll be on the lookout for it.

  106. Anonymous says:

    Hi. I’ve had many rescued cats over the years. One black cat I called Paisan – what Italians call someone close to them or from the same town back in Italy. I’d come home from teaching and there would be a coffee can on the counter with the lid off and the cookies partially eaten. One day I spied on her. She’d jump up on the counter and bang the cupboard door until it popped open. Then she jumped up in the cupboard and knocked the can out. She would hold the can with one paw and rub up on the plastic lid until it popped off. Then she’d eat the cookies stored there. She was like a raccoon! She was so smart!
    Now I have a toy poodle and no longer have to get regular allergy shots. The dog stories aren’t as funny as the cat stories.
    Can’t wait to read your new book, Liz. They’re always worth the wait.
    Elaine C.

  107. Aloha, Liz! Today my family volunteered at a car wash to raise money for Ten Lives Cat Rescue on Hickam AFB (near Pearl Harbor). Military families are notorious for abandoning pets when they move. We had 5 rescue cats back in Baltimore, found homes for 3, and brought 2 here to Hawaii (very expensive for the airline transportation and quarentine program). Thanks for supporting rescued cats, too, and writing fabulous romances!

  108. Anna Sugden says:

    Sorry I’m a bit late – blame the time difference for us here in the UK!

    Great blog, Liz and what a wonderful idea too – as one who whose cats have all been rescue cats, it warms my heart! We always try to rescue black or tuxedo cats as they suffer so much and are rarely adopted. We have two right now, plus a neighbour’s black cat who treats us as a second home.

    I’ve been a huge fan thanks to your multitude of fans in our Romance Bandits Lair! So excited by the new series – waiting for the Amazon pigeon to do its thing and deliver One Touch of Scandal.

    So, will we ever see any more of George Kemble – I adore him!

  109. Liz Carlyle says:

    Christine, is organic a nice word for disorganized? Then yes, that’s me. No plan whatsoever 90% of the time. Sad.

    Anna, thanks for checking in late. As to George Kemble, NEVER say never. He’s a bit of a bad penny, always turning up. So I expect we’ll be seeing him again.

    Well, I guess this is a wrap. Thank you all so much for coming out to support a worthy cause. The “Let’s Bankrupt Avon” tour will be moving on to another cyber-spot soon. I’ll post it on my mailing list and Facebook. I think they still have some money in the bank, so let’s bleed that $3K dry, ladies. Seriously, a million thanks to Avon for their generosity.

  110. Liz, your new release sounds just my type of reading. I love your writing style and voice. Thanks for sharing.

    I have two cats now–both rescues. We also have a dog we obtained through a rescue agency.

  111. Heidi Betts says:

    Okay, I am, like, the original Cat Lady, so how could I resist such a wonderful fundraiser for such a wonderful cause. Thanks so much for Liz & Avon both for doing this!

    Love your books, Liz, & now I think I maybe love them even more knowing you’re as passionate about animals as I am. 😀

  112. corrie71 says:

    What a great idea for cat rescue! I’m looking forward to the new Liz book. She’s an auto-buy for me.

  113. I laughed about your comment regarding the Encyclopedia Britannica, and it being an older edition without useless stuff like the 20th century. I also write historicals, and have a big ol’ copy of the OED from the early 1950’s. It, too, leaves out lots of unnecessary stuff. 🙂

    Love the kitty pictures. I have four cats of my own, and they are of great company as I write each day.

  114. Pamela Cayne says:

    A cat-loving hero? Excuse me while I grab my wallet and head to the nearest bookstore!

  115. Laura J. says:

    This is so wonderful of Avon to do this. I loved the interview and while I’m not a big fan of historicals, I may have to pick this one up.

  116. Willa says:

    This is a great thing that HarperCollins is doing, and very close to my heart. I recently adopted two kittens from a local shetler who’s mother had been left with her babies in a cardboard box by a dumpster, like trash. Even thinking about it makes me angry. My babies are the sweetest most loving cats (though they do have their demon moments, believe me) and the thought that anyone could treat them so horribly bothers me more than I can say.

    Adopting them was the best decision I ever made. Not only are the sweet and loving, but the people that run the shetlers are amazing as well, and are great to work with. You can tell they really love animals. I’ve never met a group of more caring individuals.

    I am so glad HarperCollins is doing this to help out the abandoned cats. They need it, and there’s far to many out there in need of homes.

  117. LIz, congratulations on all your success! I’m a new fan – found you today through another awesome blog:

    What an awesome thing Avon is doing today. Thank you Avon!

  118. Delle Jacobs says:

    Congrats on your new book and all your others, Liz! I really enjoy your stories, and now I’m suddenly desperate to read this latest one.

    Our latest cat, Frankie Blue-Eyes, is a shelter cat. We’ve always gone by the axiom that when we are in need of a cat, the cat will find us. But this time it didn’t happen, so we started checking shelters online. We crossed the river into a different state, looking for a completely different cat, but she wasn’t there. Frankie sized us up, and stepped in to insist he was ready to join us now. Not at all what I wanted, but he was irresistible, so home he came.

    He is completely wonderful. This weekend he was the star of the garage sale, and I’m sure he believed we had thrown a party just for him.

  119. Linda G. says:

    Great cause, and looks like I’ve discovered a great new author, too. 🙂

  120. Alison says:

    We have a visiting puss-cat who ignores everything I put out for him, so I have to conclude he only comes for the company! Congratulations on your new release, Liz.

  121. Oh what a great cause, and a great book, all the best for your release!

  122. Sharon K says:

    Congrats on the new release! And thank you for this opportunity to help rescue cats!!!

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