Jane Austen Answers

OK, as promised, here are the answers to the JA quiz I posted a few days ago. (I could only answer 6 of them):

1) Emma Woodhouse
2) Sotherton
3) Whist
4) Ward
5) Collarbone
6) Broadwood
7) Eliza
8) Catherine Morland
9) Heir at Law
10) Muslin
11) A snug farmhouse
12) Gowan’s Lotion
13) M and A
14) Meryton
15) The Laconia
16) Steward

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2 Responses to Jane Austen Answers

  1. Cara King says:

    Thanks, Amanda! I knew very few of
    those — though I’m pretty sure #12 is actually “Gowland’s Lotion” rather than “Gowan’s Lotion.” And to be ridiculously pedantic, though it’s called “Gowland’s Lotion” in the Root/Hinds movie, in the book it’s only referred to as “Gowland”! 🙂

    (I say the above not because I’m an Austen expert, but because I’ve watched the Root/Hinds movie so many times that I have that passage memorized! I looked it up in my book to check that it wasn’t “Gowan’s” in the book, and discovered the rest.) 🙂


  2. Ooops! (And I’m not really a bad speller–ha!). I always get into such a hurry on these blogs and forget to proofread. That’s why I have critique partners for my books, LOL

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